At DrScalp, we believe in the power of Artificial Intelligence and BioScience to revolutionize scalp care. Our cutting-edge technology combines the precision of A.I. analysis with the efficacy of BioScience solutions to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your scalp condition and offer effective treatments.

Our flagship treatment, Bio-Nano Cell Therapy, and other scalp and hair products effectively addresses six common scalp conditions

Hair Loss and Regrowth

Oily Scalp


Colour-damaged Hair

Greying Hair

Sensitive Scalp

Here's what you can expect from your visit to DrScalp

Thank you for choosing DrScalp for your scalp care needs. Before your visit, please take note of the following:

Appointment Confirmation

Ensure you have received a confirmation call with the date and time of your visit.

Preparing for Analysis

Please refrain from using any scalp treatments, oils, or hair products for at least 48 hours before your appointment to ensure accurate analysis results.

Arrival Time

We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

What to Expect During Your Visit

Scalp Analysis

Our state-of-the-art A.I. system will analyze your scalp and hair, capturing precise details such as the number of hair strands, hair diameter, oiliness content level, melanin level, and more. You'll receive a digital report summarizing these statistics for a comprehensive overview of your scalp condition.

Consultation with DrScalp

Based on the analysis results, DrScalp will identify your immediate concerns and recommend an efficient and compatible BioScience solution. Our recommendations are backed by a vast database of hundreds of thousands of scalp scans, ensuring you receive the most effective treatment plan for your specific needs.

Result Projection

DrScalp goes beyond mere recommendations. We provide a results forecast projection, allowing you to proceed with confidence and peace of mind. With our advanced technology, you'll have a clear understanding of the expected outcomes before proceeding with any treatment.

Studies of BioScience Solutions and Past Success Stories
DrScalp is a BioScience company led by two experienced professors, Dr. Tom K.C. Kuo and Dr. Kevin C. Weng. They have extensive expertise in stem cell biology, regenerative medicine, and novel nanosystems in biomedicine. Operating from a cutting-edge lab in Silicon Valley, DrScalp has invested substantial resources, including significant funding and 30,000 trial tests, to develop effective solutions.

DrScalp utilizes advanced technology, such as Bio-Nano Cells and the Bio-Jetstream device, to deliver cells into the deeper layers of the scalp without invasive procedures. The treatment involves pressurized shots of Bio-Nano Cells, which penetrate beneath the scalp, providing painless and efficient results.

DrScalp’s solutions have undergone rigorous research and testing, assuring consumers that their scalp and hair conditions can benefit from improved outcomes.

Here are some success stories from our customers



Join us at DrScalp, where innovation meets care, and experience the next generation of scalp care powered by Artificial Intelligence and BioScience.
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