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DrScalp Is An Artificial Intelligence Powered Persona To Accurately Analyse And Recommend Scalp Solutions
Built using complex algorithms and deep learning capabilities, DrScalp can provide accurate reading of individual’s hair density, oil concentration and melanin level. Using the analytical data collected, DrScalp will recommend a personalized solution plan and show you the forecasted result with a high degree of precision.


Detailed Analysis On Different Part Of Your Scalp
Your Scalp Profile Will Be Shown To You
A Personalized Solution Will Be Recommended

Forecasted Result


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Detailed analysis on different part of your scalp


Your Scalp Profile Will Be Shown To You


A Personalized Treatment Will Be Recommended

Oily Scalp Treatment

An oily scalp can cause the hair to have an unwanted greasy appearance and can also contribute to dandruff and hair loss. This treatment will help to exfoliate the scalp and using DrScalp’s Oil Control Series products will keep your clean hair moisturized and refreshed, while keeping excess sebum under control, to give the hair a non-greasy look.

Forecasted Result

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BioScience Solutions

DrScalp’s BioScience team is led by two accomplished professors: Dr. Tom K.C. Kuo, an expert in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, and Dr. Kevin C. Weng, specializing in novel nanosystems in biomedicine. With over 20 years of experience each, they bring extensive knowledge and expertise to DrScalp’s research and development efforts.

Operating from a state-of-the-art Biotechnology lab in Silicon Valley, DrScalp has invested significant resources, including multi-million dollar funding and conducting 30,000 trial tests, to curate effective solutions. The flagship solution, Bio-Nano Cell Therapy, along with other scalp and hair products, efficiently addresses six scalp conditions: hair loss and regrowth, oily scalp, dandruff, color-damaged hair, greying hair, and sensitive scalp.

DrScalp utilizes the advanced technology of Bio-Nano Cells and the Bio-Jetstream device to inject cells into deeper layers of the scalp without invasive measures. By delivering pressurized shots of Bio-Nano Cells, the solution penetrates beneath the scalp, yielding optimal results in a painless and efficient manner.

BioScience Solutions

DrScalp professional solutions revolve around the use of Bio-Nano Cells. Bio-Nano Cells have been lab tested on over 30,000 scalps surrounding the six targeted scalp and hair conditions and have proven its lab efficacy prior to launch.


By tuning the conditions of Bio-Nano Cell culture, varying compositions of bioactive molecules can be produced and harvested. Bioactive molecules are fractioned and stabilized by proprietary technology. Proprietary Bio-Nano Cells are produced by formulation of selected bioactive molecules with enhanced stability and topical transdermal delivery.
Culturing therapeutic Bio-Nano Cells
Harvesting the secretome with bioactive molecules
Formulating Bio-Nano Cells for clinical utilities
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