Signature Hair Loss Treatment Trial


DrScalp uses Bio-nano cells to treat various scalp conditions and is most efficient in stopping hair loss and activating hair regrowth. This trial includes AI-powered predictive analysis of your scalp condition, treatment and post-treatment aftercare in 60 mins.


Behold the new era of Scalp Care. DrScalp uses BioScience Scalp Solutions that have been researched and tested from a biopharmaceutical laboratory located in Silicon Valley. The solutions have been tested on over 30,000 trials to attain the highest level of efficacy prior to the launch of DrScalp.

Alongside other products that are exclusively at DrScalp, we are able to provide the wholesome solution to treat every scalp condition with confidence.

DrScalp’s BioScience Solutions are also non-invasive as DrScalp uses the technology of high pressure jets to pump the Bio-nano cells in small puffs.