A.I. Scalp Analysis With

Clinically Proven

BioScience Scalp Treatment

DrScalp, The Tech Scalp Clinic
Empowered by Artificial Intelligence and BioScience Solutions

DrScalp is dedicated to addressing industry problems in scalp care while putting the power of technology in your hands.

By harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Bio-Technology Science Solutions, DrScalp ensures that you receive the best possible care for your scalp.

DrScalp’s Artificial Intelligence

Analysis, Solutions Recommendations, Result Projections

Led by the remarkable AI team, headed by Dr Leng Yusong, DrScalp utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to accurately diagnose and analyze intricate details of your scalp and hair conditions. The AI scans parameters such as hair diameter, strand count, scalp oiliness level, hair density, and melanin level with an astonishing accuracy rate of 99%. With this precise information, you can make informed decisions about your scalp care.

After which, DrScalp will identify your current immediate concerns and recommend an efficient and compatible BioScience solution with reference from the hundreds of thousands of scans from its database. Along with its recommendation, it is able to provide a results forecast projection so you can proceed with assurance and ease.

BioScience Solutions

R&D and trialled from a BioScience lab in Silicon Valley

Behold the new era of Scalp Care. DrScalp uses BioScience Scalp Solutions that have been researched and tested from a biopharmaceutical laboratory located in Silicon Valley. The solutions have been tested on over 30,000 trials to attain the highest level of efficacy prior to the launch of DrScalp. 

DrScalp uses BioScience treatments to treat various hair conditions and is most efficient in stopping hair loss and activating hair regrowth. Alongside other products that are exclusively at DrScalp, we are able to provide a wholesome solution to treat every scalp condition with confidence. 

Rest assured that DrScalp’s solutions have undergone rigorous research and testing, guaranteeing improved outcomes for your scalp and hair conditions. With our groundbreaking technology and dedicated team, DrScalp strives to revolutionize the approach to scalp and hair care, offering you effective and innovative solutions that will transform your hair care experience. (Try it yourself!)

Common conditions that we treat

Hair Loss
Oily Scalp
Damaged Hair
Greying Hair

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