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Welcome to DrScalp, the forefront of advanced scalp and hair care. Established in 2022 with a robust foundation in AI and BioScience, we offer precise solutions for all hair-related issues, including scalp treatment, hair loss, dandruff, and anti-frizz concerns. Discover the difference with lab-tested treatments tailored for you. Get in touch to begin your journey to healthier hair today.

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Why Consider DrScalp Hair Salon at 100AM?

DrScalp at 100AM offers a revolutionary approach to scalp and hair wellness, leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence to customize your treatment plan. Our state-of-the-art Bio-Nano Cell Therapy, developed by our leading BioScience experts, targets a variety of scalp issues with precision and care.

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Join us at DrScalp 100AM for an innovative solution to your scalp and hair care needs.

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DrScalp’s BioScience division is spearheaded by two renowned experts: Dr. Tom K.C. Kuo, a distinguished authority in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, and Dr. Kevin C. Weng, renowned for his innovative work in biomedicine nanosystems. Boasting over two decades of experience individually, they contribute a wealth of knowledge and proficiency to DrScalp’s R&D initiatives.

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